St. Kliment Ohridski High School of Arts

St. Kliment Ohridski High School of Arts has a 39-year history. For this period of time it has evolved into a symbol of prestigious education of Dobrich, our city. Every year around 1000 students start their education here.

Drawn by the quality and reputation of St. Kliment Ohridski High School of Arts, students of diverse backgrounds and experiences come to our school to strengthen their commitment to the study of arts and develop a strong portfolio for college and university admission.

Our High School Program provides excellence in interdisciplinary education by focusing on contemporary practices that develop visual and conceptual skills.
The curriculum provides students with a rigorous preparatory education from 1st to 12th grade. Our High School Program provides excellence in interdisciplinary education. We also have three major specialties that students get enrolled into according to their desire and preference parallel with the general education which includes the intensive studying of foreign languages. Here we provide an excellent instruction of English, German, French and Russian.

The Music specialty provides students of varying levels of previous musical training with an intensive and comprehensive course of study in instrumental and vocal music, with a concentration on folklore, pop, rock and jazz genres. Students study music theory, music history, including non-Western forms, skills related to music technology and choir. We have a school choir called Klimento that gives a lot of national and international performances every year. Many of the students continue their education in music academies here in Bulgaria, or abroad.

The Creative Choreography specialty offers a multitude of classes in folklore and modern dance, ballet, composition, history, criticism, improvisation and body studies. Students learn to develop technique, a broader movement vocabulary and a wide view of dance. The students have opportunities to use these skills while exploring their personal voice as a choreographer and performer.

The Arts specialty begins with instruction in the traditional foundations, principles, and elements of art, and then grows toward larger concepts and skills covering a variety of disciplines, including: drawing, painting, computer graphics, commercial arts, ceramics, and 3-dimensional sculpture. Students focus on drawing and quick sketching. Also, students study the human body and perspective including computer commercial art, continue painting, and work on college or university portfolios.

Students and alumni of St. Kliment Ohridski High School of Arts have made significant and groundbreaking contributions to arts. They have presented the Bulgarian creative spirit all over the world for many years now. There are not only artists, engineers, lawyers and doctors among our grown-up children, but the artists, dancers, musicians or singers that live deep in their souls.